About Us

  Shades of Gray is a must see band out of Hays, Kansas. Founded in 2008 by Kristi and Dave Gray, the band has played all kinds of annual events, festivals, reunions and lots of weekends where everyone just has a fun night out! The Shades of Gray song list is full of rockin' music from the 80s, 90s and now. Most of the members of Shades of Gray are members of other local bands, too. In addition to the band's regular schedule, Shades of Gray is also actively involved in various multi-band benefits and fund raisers. All-in-all, Shades of Gray is a party band that just likes to have a good time!

  Kristi Gray - Lead Vocals. Shades of Gray is fronted by Kristi's sultry and driving vocals. Her voice has been compared to everyone from Joan Jett and Lita Ford to Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks. Kristi puts her own spin on the 80s, 90s and current rock that Shades of Gray plays and she is a very versatile vocalist. On any given week in the Hays, KS area Kristi can be heard singing rock, country, blues and more with a variety of musicians in one of the local coffee houses or clubs. Kristi is friendly and likes to mingle with the crowd. She can hold her own with the boys in the band and keeps the fun rolling!  

  Dave Gray - Guitar, Vocals. The BIG 80s - often referred to as the decade of excess - and the same goes for 80s guitar solos! If a band is going to play 80s rock, you've got to have a guitarist that can crank out the crazy stuff! Dave can do it - whether he is playing Van Halen's Eruption or the solo from Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar or maybe some other crazy 80s guitar riff, Dave can keep up with the 80s and put it in high gear for the 90s and now, too. Dave is a diverse and active musician that plays in several local bands and projects ranging from blues and jazz to coffee house acoustic to full on metal.  

  Brent Normandin - Guitar, Bass, Vocals. Brent has years of experience in local Hays bands like Brother-to-Brother, Zion and The Grand Illusion. A ROCK-solid bassist, he's played everything from Polka to Progressive Rock and has been known to pick up a guitar every now and then, too. To top it all off Brent can add some nice vocal harmonies. We'd also like to add that Brent is a nice guy...really... We know he looks like he's gonna whip some ass in his picture, but seriously, he's nice!!  

  Tyler Ganoung - Drums, Vocals. The BIG 80s also required BIG DRUMS. That's what Tyler does best - big rockin' drums! Tyler has put in over a decade with bands in Northwest Kansas and the experience shows. He is a solid rhythm machine and keeps the music crankin'. He's dangerous with a mic, too. Everyone has fun when Tyler is around and that is why he fits in Shades of Gray so well!  

  Kris Fair - Keys, Vocals. Kris played keys for several years in a popular band from Hays called Plan B. He got to know the rest of us in Shades of Gray and as Plan B took a hiatus from playing shows, Kris was able to fill the opening Shades had for keys. Don't let his mild manner fool you, in addition to his musical skills Kris is a black belt in dry wit and deadpan comedy. He'll get you and you never know when or where...  

  Shawn Normandin - Bass. Shawn is a former member of GRYN - a metal band out of Hays, KS that relocated to the Dallas / Fort Worth area and signed a recording contract with Last Beat Records. GRYN put out 2 full length albums and 2 EPs and toured with their friends from the Dallas metal scene Drowning Pool. Shawn brings a lot of experience to Shades of Gray that absolutely sets the band apart when he takes the stage.